Anddddd I’m Back

May 21, 2008

Again. After a long hiatus I have returned to my little bloggy home after a whopping two people asked me to. So here I am.

I am taking a night off from the haze and disaster that is short term/senior week because last night I rebroke my knee. In the past four years I’ve had two ACL tears and a meniscus tear, and now I’ve done something else. Awesome. I can’t straighten my leg. You know it’s bad when it feels more normal to have a hurt leg than a healthy one.

Anyway, here are some things I have realized in the time I have been not posting:

1. Having an iPhone makes me not use my computer very much at all.

2. Not using a computer makes typing feel really weird when you finally do it again. Seriously, it’s been weeks since I typed anything much longer than search terms or a web address.

That’s about all. I love Deadliest Catch, Die Hard, Will & Grace and Sex and the City. Also, I think the Oxford Comma is stupid.

Part 2 of Hipsters on a Train coming soon as well.