June 10, 2008

Currently I am living at home. I am trying to get a job and find an apartment but it is rather difficult. But the most difficult thing is probably the fact that there is nothing to do around here and I have no friends because my only friend around right now is my cousin Lindsay who works all the time at Old Navy. I probably was going to have a job at the Barnes and Noble Cafe serving Starbucks Coffee but then the girl that was supposed to quit didn’t and that was another way I was going to try to make friends.

Anyway, I already told this to Scott (who requested that I started writing in this thing again, which is funny because I almost gave it up for good yesterday out of boredom and a desire to change my facebook profile) but tonight’s options for entertainment are:

1) The second half of Ocean’s 12, in which sometimes Catherine Zeta-Jones is hot and in which sometimes she isn’t that hot and which is sometimes and interesting movie and sometimes an uninteresting movie (I actually forgot to tell Scotty that option).

2) Logo’s NewNowNext Awards on the computer.

3) Mr. Wrong, the movie Ellen made when she was still pretending to be straight.

Clearly, all but option 1 will be occuring after the family goes to bed.


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