FA, A Long Long Way To Runnnnnn.

April 19, 2008

Everything in Texas is absurdly far apart. Like, seriously. The shortest drive is like half an hour/twenty minutes. It’s absurd. Unless you want to go to CVS, the bank, Kroger, the walk-in-hair-cutter’s or the nail salon.

Our subdivision is giant. I do not understand my way around it. Also, the fun part is that there are sections. Some are fancier than others. But for each section, there are certain home builders you can choose from. And they each have plans you can choose from. And each plan has a few different options. Including different versions of the exterior. So it LOOKS like every house isn’t the same, even though they basically are on the inside.

My favorite game is called “Count Our House.” When we are driving to our house I like to count how many of our house there are. Because I know what the other exterior options are. Except we just take this really short route home, but on the short way there are already 4 of our house. It’s a fun game.

I am also thinking about trying to bring a comedian to school for Short Term. She is very pretty and a good team player, if you know what I mean. She is also funny. Though sometimes she is funnier than other times. But that is true of everyone. She has one funny joke that is a metaphor about teaching babies to roller skate that rings very true to my life. But this is something I need to figure out. Except I think the only way to contact her is through her MySpace. Which she does seem to pay attention to. But it just doesn’t seem very professional.

I like thinking that I am being cryptic. I do not think it works very well.

The Frasier on tonight is one with the loud woman. I do not like her. This is sad.


One Response to “FA, A Long Long Way To Runnnnnn.”

  1. Teddy F said

    go to her website…and look for booking info. she may have an agency or it could just be her.
    If it is only a myspace look for the same info. Just send them an email…that is usually how these things get started…never accept their first offer.

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