Hipsters on a Train, Part 1.

April 13, 2008

Once upon a time in Williamsburg, there were a bunch of hipsters that decided to take the train. They wanted to go on a vacation, and they wanted to do something ‘new’ so the could out-hipster all their friends. They decided to leave the comforts of their apartment and take the train from New York to Seattle.

The Hipsters were very excited about their plan. They talked to their friends for weeks and weeks about all the cool people they were going to meet on the train. They talked about how it was going to be just like olden days, and how their trip functioned as a resistance to the culture of instant gratification that had developed. Plus, they were going to meet so many cool and interesting people, and really get to appreciate the beauty of America you just fly over in a plane.

So, skinny jeans on and iPods in pockets, The Hipsters arrived at Penn Station, ready to get on their first train , which stopped in Chicago. Standing on the platform, they were so excited they could barely keep apathetic looks on their faces. ‘This is going to be awesome!’ Hipster #1 squeeked to Hipster #3 in a moment of weakness.

Soon their train was called and the conductor guided them to their seats for the 15-hour sojourn. They were seated in pairs in the same row in coach, but much to their dismay, their car was not the aesthetically pleasing vision they had in mind! The car was dark red, with navy, grey and orange stripes running vertically down almost everything! The Hipsters were so taken aback, they didn’t know what to do. After taking a moment to think, they decided to sit down for the moment, and then ask the conductor if they could move. But as the car filled to maximum capacity, The Hipsters realized that moving might not be possible. They also realized something else even more terrifying–the train might not be the undiscovered mode of travel it thought it was. To try to ease their minds, they took out their iPods and lounged back with the lastest graphic novels and pretentious theory-fuck books.


One Response to “Hipsters on a Train, Part 1.”

  1. Teddy F said

    Fav lines…”‘This is going to be awesome!’ Hipster #1 squeeked to Hipster #3 in a moment of weakness.” “and pretentious theory-fuck books.”

    Cant wait to read more…

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