March 21, 2008

There are two main types of kids at my school: the ones that study in Pgill, and the ones that go to the library. Granted, there are a few that stick to their rooms, and a few that tend to go to other labs, but the overwhelming majority will claim an alliegance to either George & Helen or the dear old Pgill.

I am a Pgill die-hard, ever since freshman year. The library has never really worked for me. I don’t know what it is I dislike about it–I think it’s mainly the lighting, and the dark interior–but I’ve never been a fan of studying there. I’ve always been somewhat surprised, because I love libraries. But I think in this case, it might just be that I love Pgill more. A brief list, entitled Why I Love Pgill Until the End of Time:

1. It’s open all night. Granted, you need a key card sometimes, and if you leave between 3:30 and 6 a.m. you have to get someone from inside to let you back in. But, unlike the library, you never get kicked out, and someone is almost always around.

2. Kids passed out on couches. Today is Friday, and a pretty non-descript Friday at that–it’s not finals or midterms, a few kids have thesis due, but not a ton. But when I walked into the Pgill Atrium this morning at about 10:15, there a bunch of kids just sprawled out on couches, fast asleep. It’s great.

3. The WGS lounge. There are a bunch of academic departments housed in Pgill, and most of them have their own lounges (though some have to share). The WGS department, luckily, not only has its own large and nice lounge, but it has a very, very nice computer, one of the only lounges that does. As someone with a computer so broken it’s probably past repair, this computer (which I am writing from at the very minute) has saved my life numerous times. It is also a Mac. And a brief illustration why I love the WGS lounge: I am currently enjoying a turkey sandwich, doing some reading, blogging all while enjoying an episode of Frasier in a room by myself. It might as well be my home.

4. Finals week in Pgill. I’m a masochist, I guess, but there’s a little part of me that loves Pgill during finals week. Everyone’s staying up all night, everyone’s stressed. You all hate life, everyone’s smoking cigarettes and chugging Red Bull/coffee, whatever. But I find it oddly comforting and sometimes, even down right enjoyable. People haven’t gone home in days, they’ve brought changes of clothes. It’s a strangely supportive and comforting environment.

I believe those are the four main reasons. I love Pgill. Coming soon: my guide to a successful all-nighter in Pgill.

One final aside: I am currently checking to see if my cosmetic  products are safe (thanks Gender and Technology), but so far, so good. My Body Shop Conditioner scores a 6, and that’s the worst. So hopefully in 10 years I won’t have babies with Phthalate diseases.


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