What’s On My Mind Grapes

March 19, 2008

1. Seeing that Maine has had record snowfall this year, there are massive snowbanks on all over the sidewalk. So everyone on my street walks in the middle of the street. I’m quite curious to see whether or not this trend continues once the snow has melted. I really hope it does. My street is a wee bit sketchy, and I think the walking down the middle of the street increases that sketch factor. So I hope it continues.

2. Having a baby with the same name as you is confusing. My brother keeps sending videos and pictures of the new baby with a message saying things like, look at baby flail her arms! Only instead of baby, it’s my name. So I’m all like, when did my brother take a video of me? Then I realize it’s the baby. So confusing.

3. When you’re in class, and you think you know the answer, but your friend tells you that you are wrong, listen to them. Yelling blood when your teacher asks about a chemical reaction that occurs in the body is really awkward. Because it’s not right. At all.

4. Scrounging up quarters for laundry is really annoying.

5. The woman at the bank today was really nice and helpful and it made bank-going a very pleasant experience.


One Response to “What’s On My Mind Grapes”

  1. Teddy F said

    i am still trying to figure out how they inject AIDS into our Chicken nuggets…its a metaphor!!!!!!!!

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