March 9, 2008

Today I discovered that I enjoy yogurt. Over February break I decided to try it again, but it was still kind of gross. But today when I ate it, I found it to be quite tasty. Reasons why yogurt was tastier today than two weeks ago:

1. Two weeks ago I didn’t have a spoon, so I had to mix the berries and the icky stuff together with a paper plate. And I also had to eat the yogurt with a paper plate. Being forced to use a paper plate made it difficult to do a sufficient stirring job, so there were icky white clumps. Today, however, I had a spoon, so there were no icky white clumps and things were much tastier.

2. Today I had whole milk raspberry and cream yogurt. I don’t know what I had two weeks ago (something with berries), but it clearly didn’t have as much fat in it, so that probably made it disgusting. It did have extra calcium though. That also might have made it disgusting.

So now I have learned that I do enjoy yogurt.  However, yogurt and Odwalla do not go well together. Too much thick fruit semi-liquid. So now I’m not enjoying my Superfood as much, which is kind of a bummer. Oh well.


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