Splash Splash Puddles

March 6, 2008

I very much enjoy stomping in puddles. There are lots of them today so I’m pretty thrilled about that.

Additionally, I’ve decided I need more art projects in my life. Or at least more things that involve glue. I’m pretty obsessed with glue. And also sand art, but that’s really messy and I think my roommates might kill me. So even though it doesn’t involve glue, I think I am going to start making things with perler beads again. It’s pretty much all I did in my childhood, and I really miss having random decorations everywhere. Also I really like melting stuff. I think I might also get an Easy-Bake Oven, because I really like dessert but I can never eat a whole cake or a whole batch of cookies.

Perler beads. I would never make a frog though. I hate frogs. Glue is great for making old lady skin on your hands.Lovely sand art.


One Response to “Splash Splash Puddles”

  1. Teddy F said

    That picture of the glue bottle made me laugh out loud at work kind of embarrassing.

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