Why My Parents Dominate Life

March 5, 2008

Last night totally rocked democracy. Being the loving parents they are, and realizing that their daughter would be crying for days on end if Hillary Clinton lost Texas last night, both of them turned out for the Texas primary and voted like it was their job.

The way the Texas primary works is a little cra-cra, if you will. First off, it’s an open primary, so you can vote for either party, regardless of how you are registered. The bizarro thing there that my parents learned last night is that you can’t mix and match your votes–if you choose to vote Democrat, you have to vote that way on everything. But the other thing that’s weird is that you can actually vote twice. 65% of the delegates are determined by the actual primary, the basic push-button voting. Those polls were supposed to be closing at 7 last night. Immediately after that primary, there’s a caucus, which determines the rest of the delegates. But in order for your vote to count in the caucus, you have to have voted in the primary as well. That makes the caucus votes a little tricky to count, because they have to go back and make sure people didn’t commit all sorts of accidental voter fraud.

The amazing thing about last night is that a voting process that normally would have taken maybe 2 hours took my parents upwards of 4 or 5 hours. They were still waiting in line to vote an hour and a half for the polls to official close, and they  didn’t even vote for another hour after that. After sticking around to caucus (which actually turned out to be the easier part) they had been there for quite some time.

Now, for big Hillary (or Obama) supporters, this may not seem like a big deal. But my parents aren’t going to be voting for Hillary or any Democrat in the general election. And that’s why I’m obsessed with them right now. There’s probably some sort of ethical argument about how it’s not really right to vote for a candidate (twice) when you have no intention for voting for them in the general election. But I don’t really care. My parents totally dominated the Texas primary last night, and I’m totally stoked on it.


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