I’m Too Sexy For My Wrist Brace

March 4, 2008

So the exciting news of today is that due to my rocking out hardcore at band practice, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus I have officially become a middle-aged office worker. I have a super sexy nude wrist brace that I get to wear all the time, and a nice patch of numbness on my hand. I have occasional pain and tingling too, so that’s fun. Here is a much better explanation of carpal tunnel than what the health center gave me:

That is pretty much what happened to me, except that half of my hand is not blue.

The upside of this whole thing is that I now have a new accessory to decorate. I think I’m going to puff paint my wrist brace AND bedazzle it. If I’ve got to rock a brace, it might as well look good.


One Response to “I’m Too Sexy For My Wrist Brace”

  1. Teddy F said

    I had no idea my nerves were yellow. Great post. I cannot wait to see you bedazzling job. Are you working late night at the Ronj Tonight?

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