Tragedies of Life That Occured Yesterday

March 3, 2008

So basically yesterday a lot of stuff that I had thought was true turned out to not be true.

1. The first was the fact that it turns out that there are no real, original American foods. I started talking to my friends about how this kid in one of my classes was all like, “America has no authentic cuisine of our own, blah blah blah I didn’t listen to the rest.”  And I told them how in my head during  class I  was like, whoa buddy,  not really,  have you ever had a hot dog? Well guess what?

  • Hot dogs– German
  • Hamburgers– German
  •  Mashed potatoes– Irish
  • Mayonnaise– British
  • Beef Jerky– Incas
  • Apple Pie– British
  • Marshmallows– Ancient Egypt

There were about a million more too. BUT there is one food item that did originate in America– the chocolate chip cookie. My friend Andrew helped me find that on Wikipedia once I got back to school.

2. Apparently, when Gwen Stefani wrote “I’m Just A Girl” there was no underlying feminist message. Apparently it was just about how Tony broke up with her. So depressing.

3. So recently I have really enjoyed the musical stylings of Paris Hilton quite a bit. “Screwed” is quite the dancing song. And I really enjoyed the camels song. About all the camels coming out for a public affair. Only guess what. That’s not by Paris Hilton. It’s by Jessica Simpson. So I no longer have a second favorite Paris Hilton song like I thought I did, because stupid “Stars are Blind” just doesn’t really compare to camels.


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