Why this afternoon is amazing:

1. Let’s start with the visual. I love my outfit. Dark skinny jeans, my white button down, hair in bun, glasses on.  Six pack of tall boys on the table, sitting next to my new DVDs of FRASIER.

2. I’m sitting on the couch having a beer and watching Frasier, soon to be joined by my dear friend Kim.

Basically, I am happy happy. Even though it is snowing.


Making Bad Decisions

March 27, 2008

So as you may or may not know, one of my final projects for the semester means making a video. Part of this project means making a model of a medical waste incinerator. Since most involve oval-shaped chambers, I decided to use Diet Coke cans to make my model. Except Diet Coke cans can scratch your skin. And if you have such scratches, you should avoid putting copious amounts of Purell or a similar anti-bacterial agent on your hands because it burns. A lot. On your hand scratches. That was my bad decision of the day.

And, per use., I hate capitalism–especially of the global sort.

Making Good Decisions

March 26, 2008

Today I am making a very good decision and I am very glad about it. Thank God for Tragic Kingdom. Great tape, great tape.

Also, I really like friends. Especially friends that enjoy bad softcore gay porn (until there’s just too much magic involved and it gets boring because there’s no more crying sex on the beach).

Lily Bart

March 24, 2008

So the weekend is over and now it is Monday and I have to deal with all sorts of nonsense and I am really not feeling it. I would much rather just lay here on the couch in my bathrobe and towel. Life is difficult… and I am a useless person.


March 21, 2008

There are two main types of kids at my school: the ones that study in Pgill, and the ones that go to the library. Granted, there are a few that stick to their rooms, and a few that tend to go to other labs, but the overwhelming majority will claim an alliegance to either George & Helen or the dear old Pgill.

I am a Pgill die-hard, ever since freshman year. The library has never really worked for me. I don’t know what it is I dislike about it–I think it’s mainly the lighting, and the dark interior–but I’ve never been a fan of studying there. I’ve always been somewhat surprised, because I love libraries. But I think in this case, it might just be that I love Pgill more. A brief list, entitled Why I Love Pgill Until the End of Time:

1. It’s open all night. Granted, you need a key card sometimes, and if you leave between 3:30 and 6 a.m. you have to get someone from inside to let you back in. But, unlike the library, you never get kicked out, and someone is almost always around.

2. Kids passed out on couches. Today is Friday, and a pretty non-descript Friday at that–it’s not finals or midterms, a few kids have thesis due, but not a ton. But when I walked into the Pgill Atrium this morning at about 10:15, there a bunch of kids just sprawled out on couches, fast asleep. It’s great.

3. The WGS lounge. There are a bunch of academic departments housed in Pgill, and most of them have their own lounges (though some have to share). The WGS department, luckily, not only has its own large and nice lounge, but it has a very, very nice computer, one of the only lounges that does. As someone with a computer so broken it’s probably past repair, this computer (which I am writing from at the very minute) has saved my life numerous times. It is also a Mac. And a brief illustration why I love the WGS lounge: I am currently enjoying a turkey sandwich, doing some reading, blogging all while enjoying an episode of Frasier in a room by myself. It might as well be my home.

4. Finals week in Pgill. I’m a masochist, I guess, but there’s a little part of me that loves Pgill during finals week. Everyone’s staying up all night, everyone’s stressed. You all hate life, everyone’s smoking cigarettes and chugging Red Bull/coffee, whatever. But I find it oddly comforting and sometimes, even down right enjoyable. People haven’t gone home in days, they’ve brought changes of clothes. It’s a strangely supportive and comforting environment.

I believe those are the four main reasons. I love Pgill. Coming soon: my guide to a successful all-nighter in Pgill.

One final aside: I am currently checking to see if my cosmetic  products are safe (thanks Gender and Technology), but so far, so good. My Body Shop Conditioner scores a 6, and that’s the worst. So hopefully in 10 years I won’t have babies with Phthalate diseases.

1. Seeing that Maine has had record snowfall this year, there are massive snowbanks on all over the sidewalk. So everyone on my street walks in the middle of the street. I’m quite curious to see whether or not this trend continues once the snow has melted. I really hope it does. My street is a wee bit sketchy, and I think the walking down the middle of the street increases that sketch factor. So I hope it continues.

2. Having a baby with the same name as you is confusing. My brother keeps sending videos and pictures of the new baby with a message saying things like, look at baby flail her arms! Only instead of baby, it’s my name. So I’m all like, when did my brother take a video of me? Then I realize it’s the baby. So confusing.

3. When you’re in class, and you think you know the answer, but your friend tells you that you are wrong, listen to them. Yelling blood when your teacher asks about a chemical reaction that occurs in the body is really awkward. Because it’s not right. At all.

4. Scrounging up quarters for laundry is really annoying.

5. The woman at the bank today was really nice and helpful and it made bank-going a very pleasant experience.

AP Art

March 15, 2008

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Why I Hate Envelopes.

March 14, 2008

I was mailing a letter to my pen pal Lauren today and while I was licking the envelope shut I got  a really bad papercut on the back of my tongue. It is really unpleasant.

A Word on ‘Capi’

March 14, 2008

As any of my close friends or classmates can attest, I’ve recently been having a series of mini-breakdowns regarding the horrific-ness and pervasiveness of capitalism. It’s been kind of a struggle figuring out how to negotiate all the nonsense. But today I decided that I need to start distinguishing between the system of global capitalism and capitalism more broadly. Meaning that global capitalism and the racism, imperialism/colonialism and paternalism attached to it does not necessarily need to be attached to capitalism more broadly. As one of my professors pointed out to me last night, capitalism is the only place where risks can occur and be rewarded, so maybe it shouldn’t be written off. So that’s what I’m trying to do now. The end.

Yesterday was another stellar example of why Tuesdays are my favorite days.

1) Got up and actually went to Potions. Very proud of myself for that one.

2) Went back home after Potions, watched some L Word, and the movie D.E.B.S. (about lesbian spies). Nothing makes a morning like some mediocre lesbian entertainment.

3) Went to work, realized that I hardcore kick ass at making copies.

4 ) Ran into Jordo. Went to New Commons and ate delicious free food with some very fun people. Stayed there for like an hour and a half.

5) Then I ran around the theater department like a crazy person while Jordo got some wood scraps from the woodshop. There’s so much stuff to peak in on in the theater department.

6) Went to PGill with Jordo and checked out the weirdo support service thing the college gives to its employees. It’s a really bizarre website where you can learn about sex addiction, dissociative identity disorder, elder care and how to have a yard sale.

7) Looked at the picture of my sister-in-law’s pregnant stomach. She’s due any day now. I really need her to pop that baby out soon because I would like to visit it this weekend, or else I’m going to have to wait a month.

8 ) Grossed out our friend Sarah by making her look at my sister-in-law’s pregnant stomach.

9) Then had band practice. Sarah watched and gave positive feedback and constructive criticism. Also, I learned how to scream so now all my songs sound a million times better. Also wrote a great new song called Meow Cats.

10) Had a band meeting at the cafe. Made up our first set list. Planned for the first show.

11) Then we had arts and crafts time at Jordo’s with some beers. I love arts and crafts.

Then the day got a little suckier when I got home and found out that the internet is broken in our apartment. Also the day kind of sucked when I made the mistake of letting it slip that I had counted that I had 8 and 1/2 friends and the person that was 8 and 1/2 was right there. And then figured out it was them. But now it’s fine and they are a full friend again. But I’m never going to get to live that one down.

But whatever. Tuesdays are the best days of the week. They also always manage to be pretty outside. Unlike Wednesdays which blow blow blow blow and are generally ugly as well. Which really doesn’t help.

Alright. I think I am going to break down and go buy a roast beef and cheddar sandwich. My stomach is about to eat itself.