Tuesday, Tuesday, My New Favorite Day

February 26, 2008

I think Tuesday is officially my favorite day. Today I slept through Potions. Then I went to work. Work was great because I didn’t have to do anything so I just got to read the newspaper the whole time.  Then they were having a meeting with food in the WGS lounge. Also, I like Tuesdays because Jordo has his chili night meetings at the same time I have work. So after I finished my work and Jordo finished his meeting we went and stood outside the WGS lounge and waited for the people to be done with their meeting so we could eat their food. While we waited we left a note for one of our professors asking her to bowling and beer. She checked the yes box so that’s exciting. It was great because we got to take all we could eat and then we took the leftovers home. After we packed up our sandwiches and lemon squares and chips we checked our mail and my new sparkly dress had finally come. Very exciting. 

So then I walked home and it had started to snow. I finished one of my sandwiches, made hot cocoa, put on Mad About You and have been reading Harry Potter ever since. It’s been pretty much the greatest thing ever. I think now I am going to go eat the other sandwich I have.

One Response to “Tuesday, Tuesday, My New Favorite Day”

  1. Teddy Flemming said

    yesterday was awesome. Total ace of a time with you.hp

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