Follow the Bouncing Ball…All Thanks to You, Mitch Miller

February 12, 2008

Today while perusing Wikipedia I learned a great fact. Bates College has not one, not two, but SIX school songs. That is correct, six.

I’m very excited about all of them. The only problem is that I don’t know the tunes for any of them. So I am going to have to make them up.

First we have the Alma Mater. It is to the tune of my high school Alma Mater, Hail Ms. McGehee.

Here’s to Bates, our Alma Mater dear, \ Proudest and fairest of her peers; \ We pledge to her our loyalty, \ Our faith and our honor thru the years. \ Long may her praises resound. \ Long may her sons exalt her name. \ May her glory shine while time endures, \ Here’s to our Alma Mater’s fame.

Next there is the Fight Song. I think this one is kind of stupid.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! \ Fight on for Bates \ For Vict’rys at our door, \ Today the Garnet Bobcats conquer again, \ Hathorn bells are ringing in another win \ Down the field the Bobcats are marching \ Piling up the score – \ So fight (pause) for Bates (pause) and glory \ Give us more! more! more! more! \ (shout) Hey! \

Then there is the Field Song and the Victory Song. Like the Fight Song, they are stupid. I am not going to give them melodies.

Bates, Bates, fight till the end, \ Fight till the end of ev’ry game. \ Right, right, right till the end \ Fight for our Alma Mater’s name. \ Fair and square may the battle be, \ In life or on the field of play. \ For Bates, Bates, strive till the end \ To honor her name in ev’ry way.

Oh Bates, awake to the sound of battle \ The Garnet waves on high \ Thy sons are following on to victory \ Joy and fair fame are nigh \ The bands are playing, the stands are swaying \ Now rah! rah! rah! Bates! rah! rah! \ Up to your cheering Bates \ Up ev’ry man of you \ Shout to the welkin blue \ All together, Bates together, Rolling up the score \ Add a little, then a little, and a little more \ And at last when night is falling \ And the day is done \ We’ll cheer again for dear old Bates \ And another vict’ry won.

The fifth song is called The Bobcat. It is to the tune of the ‘Twas Brillig song that the Cheshire Cat sang in my fourth grade musical of Alice in Wonderland.

Oh the day of days is here, \ And the Bobcat will appear, \ Yes the claws will fly and the bears will die \ On this day of Victory, \ For the Bobcat dotes on fighting \ And his courage is supreme. \ And when it comes to smiting, \ Bears and Mules are all the same. \ Oh here’s to the fighting Bobcats, \ The Garnet mascot ever. \ So here’s three cheers for him who shares \ The glory of the name of Bates.

The last song is great. It is called The Bates Smoker. It makes me think of the olden days. It is to the tune of The Holly and The Ivy.

Ofttimes at night I light my pipe, \ And watch the glowing grates; \ The shadows fall while I recall \ Each dream of dear old Bates; \ Each fair coed, each lesson read, \ Each comrade’s friendliness. \ Each victory comes back to me, \ Each dream brings happiness.



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