Soup or Ramen, It’s a Hard Decision

February 7, 2008

I can’t decide whether I want to have soup or ramen for lunch. I know lunch is a little bit away, but the pressure is already building.

Soup is very tasty. It is my favorite soup, tomato basil soup. However, it is the tastiest with milk, and I have no milk.

Ramen noodles are delicious. These ones are chicken flavored. I only eat the chicken ones. But I make them so that really they have no flavor but are just a little bit salty. Ramen would be nice because I really love noodles and they taste fine with water.

I also cannot decide what I am going to watch on television while I eat my lunch. I could watch 30 Rock, but I watch that all the time. I could watch the West Wing or the L Word, but I’m not sure I’m really in the mood.

I think if I want to feel all cozy I am going to have to eat soup. But if I don’t want to I can just eat Ramen. I’ll let you know in two hours.


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