Things You Aren’t Allowed to do on Facebook, Part 1.

February 1, 2008

Today I was looking at facebook, per usual.

BRIEF INTERRUPTION–I’m a little behind in my fifth season One Tree Hill watching, but it’s looking like Kevin Federline is going to be a love interest for Peyton. NOT COOL.

Anyway, back to facebook. Guess what, guys? MacBooks came out about two years ago. Maybe you just got yours now. Congrats, they’re fun. Except mine is broken. But, point being–I’m done with your Photobooth facebook photos. Nothing screams emo-douchebag-narcissism more than a photo of you against the wall making a cute little pouty face, maybe in thermal camera or glow. Colored pencil if you’re really adventurous. The ONLY circumstance when the Photobooth glamour shot is an okay facebook picture is with a proper and obvious dose of irony.

Here’s the thing. I respect your right to be emo and angsty. I respect your right to indulge your narcissism–we all enjoy our Photobooth photo shoots. Lord knows we’ve all done it. It’s just that at this point, sharing it on facebook with the rest of the world is unnecessary and really, just trying too hard. As the wise Tracy Jordan once said, “Have some self-respect, pigeon, don’t you know you can fly?”


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