Yesterday when I was walking home I was stepping out of my way to step on a particularly excellent piece of ice (sometimes if you find the right kind and you step on it the ice makes the noise like when you crack the top of creme brulee) and a stupid branch some how stabbed me in the inside of my ear. It was a little bit terrible.


It’s winter. My least favorite time of the year at Bates. And not just because of the snow, lack of sunlight, the fact that my tan has faded into pasty nastiness, though none of these things help my mood. No, I hate Bates in the winter because of what it does to fashion here—kills it. Dead. On the ground.

There have been many articles criticizing and bemoaning the state of fashion at Bates over my four years here. I’m not here to pick on anyone or to try to claim that some faction of the student body dresses better than another. I’m here to give a little constructive criticism to everyone, and it boils down to this—you’re boring me, you fuckheads. There’s more to clothing than that same Patagonia Fleece you’ve been sporting since last Thursday or that pair of flares you’ve been wearing since then too (but maybe it’s more than one pair; unless you’re switching up your washes or cuts, jeans all look the same). All I’m asking is that when you wake up in the morning, maybe look beyond your sweatpants and hoodie and trying something a little more…festive.

I know it’s cold outside. And I hate the cold. I really, really hate the cold. I know that sweatpants keep you warm. I know that it’s enough of a pain in the ass to get out of bed when it’s cold outside, let alone try to put together a cute and interesting outfit when you’re feeling cold, fat and pale (it happens during the winter, it’s okay). But you know what makes you feel more fat and pale, and makes me feel bored and cranky? When you wear the same outfit everyday, except maybe with a different sweatshirt or scarf. So, I present you with some tips on how to make your winter wardrobe slightly more interesting, for your sake and mine.

1) Hide clothing you find yourself falling back on again and again. We all do this. I do this. But falling back on the same things over and over again are boring. So hide them. I believe, maybe just out of wishful thinking, that everyone has one piece of clothing in their closet that is truly interesting and unique, but that they rarely wear because it’s hard to find the right occasion or the right pieces to pair with it. Hiding some of your old-standbys will force you to work garments like that into your wardrobe. And once you’ve gotten good at pairing unexpected items, reintroduce the old favorites back in. Chances are, you’ll start doing much more interesting things with them than you were originally.

2) Practical doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, some of the most practical items can be the most interesting. Get a really rad hat or pair of boots—these are items that you can wear everyday that will keep you warm and that will give your outfit some extra flair. Take your skirts and dresses out of storage (these, unlike jeans, all look different) and get some tights. Now available in colors and patterns far beyond your basic black, they allow a multitude of new outfits to come play. One thing—get tights with feet. Don’t be that ass walking around in the ones that cut off at your calf. I know that part of your leg is cold. If you still aren’t warm enough, throw a pair of leg warmers or tall socks on top—they’re warm and unexpected.

3) Don’t be afraid of humor or irony. A sweater embroidered with fish or a t-shirt with a pattern only your Great-Aunt Muriel would wear can be fun ways to show that you don’t take clothing too seriously. Afraid people will think you’re a big weirdo? Who cares. As long as your rock the irony with confidence, people will probably realize you’re not wearing it seriously. People will only think you’re a big weirdo if you walk around all squirrely and self-conscious.

So there are my tips. Please listen. I am always right.

Things That Are Dumb

January 25, 2008

1. Response papers. Seriously, I get where you’re coming from. You want us to think about and synthesize the reading. Totally legit. But sometimes I really don’t have that much to say. Or I have ideas that would really be helped if I could just talk about them with other people. But sitting around for four hours trying to make something a respectable length when I could be sleeping or talking or doing other homework is just annoying.

2. The health center. Really, guys? I can only get my prescription forms filled out on a Tuesday or a Thursday? Helpful.

3. Cold weather. But that is a given.

Yesterday was another stellar example of why Tuesdays are my favorite days.

1) Got up and actually went to Potions. Very proud of myself for that one.

2) Went back home after Potions, watched some L Word, and the movie D.E.B.S. (about lesbian spies). Nothing makes a morning like some mediocre lesbian entertainment.

3) Went to work, realized that I hardcore kick ass at making copies.

4 ) Ran into Jordo. Went to New Commons and ate delicious free food with some very fun people. Stayed there for like an hour and a half.

5) Then I ran around the theater department like a crazy person while Jordo got some wood scraps from the woodshop. There’s so much stuff to peak in on in the theater department.

6) Went to PGill with Jordo and checked out the weirdo support service thing the college gives to its employees. It’s a really bizarre website where you can learn about sex addiction, dissociative identity disorder, elder care and how to have a yard sale.

7) Looked at the picture of my sister-in-law’s pregnant stomach. She’s due any day now. I really need her to pop that baby out soon because I would like to visit it this weekend, or else I’m going to have to wait a month.

8 ) Grossed out our friend Sarah by making her look at my sister-in-law’s pregnant stomach.

9) Then had band practice. Sarah watched and gave positive feedback and constructive criticism. Also, I learned how to scream so now all my songs sound a million times better. Also wrote a great new song called Meow Cats.

10) Had a band meeting at the cafe. Made up our first set list. Planned for the first show.

11) Then we had arts and crafts time at Jordo’s with some beers. I love arts and crafts.

Then the day got a little suckier when I got home and found out that the internet is broken in our apartment. Also the day kind of sucked when I made the mistake of letting it slip that I had counted that I had 8 and 1/2 friends and the person that was 8 and 1/2 was right there. And then figured out it was them. But now it’s fine and they are a full friend again. But I’m never going to get to live that one down.

But whatever. Tuesdays are the best days of the week. They also always manage to be pretty outside. Unlike Wednesdays which blow blow blow blow and are generally ugly as well. Which really doesn’t help.

Alright. I think I am going to break down and go buy a roast beef and cheddar sandwich. My stomach is about to eat itself.